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Computer Business Review: Your Business’s Cyber Security, Through the Lens of the Pandemic’s Impact

Under the shade of COVID, remote work and an increase in IOT devices require firms to protect an unprecedented number of entry points.

Work with local government?

Be aware of the risks of Ransomware. Here’s a list of multiple major attacks on city/state governments in just the last few months.

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CompariTech’s 2018-2020 Ransomware Statistics and Facts:

“Here’s everything you need to know about the latest trends, facts, and stats surrounding ransomware. “

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Forbes: As Businesses Reopen, A New Storm Of Cybercrime Activity Looms

Changes in technology and process to accommodate remote work, new phishing ploys, scams, and modern ransomware have fostered the perfect environment for hackers.

Tech Jobs like Cyber security and Cloud Support Will Soon See High Demand

Hacking activity targeting essential businesses and institutions desperately needing to stay operational during COVID is prompting new demand for cyber jobs.

InfoSecMagazine: Phishers Hide COVID19 Malware in CVs and Medical Leave Forms

Sophisticated hacking tools combined with the sheer diversity in their attack method makes it difficult to plan for. And that’s why we need AI in Cybersecurity.


AMEinfo: What small businesses can learn from corporate Cybersecurity tactics

Want the most effective change you can make right now to mitigate the risk of getting hacked? (Besides CyberOps)

Topdown Cybersecurity. Educate everyone on the risks.

Entrepreneur: 6 Cyber Threats You Can’t Afford to Ignore
“More than 40 percent of all cyberattacks are directed at small businesses, according to data published by Verizon.”

Weaker security in aging systems versus enterprise solutions, it makes sense.

Ransomware targets multiple colleges and universities, successfully extorting 3 new institutions.

I lot of people are asking: “if they had CyberOps “military grade” cybersecurity,” would this have happened?

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As hard as it is to run a business right now, hacking attempts are increasing.

According to Info Security Magazine: 1 in 7 small to medium sized businesses has suffered a cyber attack since the start of COVID19

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