Sunday Ola | CSA @ CO Governor's Office of IT

“The Advanced Transmosis Cybersecurity training gave me the opportunity to learn some advanced security techniques through the labs available on the learning platform. The staff were also very supportive.  I’m very confident that the training- style showed my new employer that I have some background in the field. I heartily recommend this training!”

Jannet Corpuz | CSC, SME @ Axiom Cyber Solutions

“This was a challenging program that was effectively carried through, the compositionof the classes was well thought out and made me think critically about Information Technology / Cybersecurity.  The content and presentation by the facilitators wereconsistently high quality and engaging. Most importantly, each session provided an excellent review of the challenges and opportunities inherent in each critical area of Information Technology / Cybersecurity. 

I liked the way the training was structured along the monitoring cycle. The Transmosis team and instructors are extremely bright, well-informed, great presenters, and helped to enrich the training program. I have taken with me a huge breadth of knowledge and I am super appreciative of this opportunity to learn from such a diverse team. With the hands-on training at Transmosis Cybersecurity Bootcamp, I was able to transition from student to a working professional in this highly sophisticated field.”

Gayla Page | Senior Analyst @ eTeam | Co-Founder @ PCO

“I was able to take the Transmosis curriculum to further improve my professional marketability using the latest technologies. The relevant training eventually led me to a position at Google.  I can’t thank the team at Transmosis enough.”

Bzu Fikadu–Tier II End User Support @ Maryland IT Co.

“I was unemployed and now enjoy a full-time position in entry-level cybersecurity. Through the Transmsosis program, I received the opportunity to attend an IT/Cybersecurity training online from home and get certified. It has already opened doors for me and I’m sure this is only the beginning! The program was unique because experience was not needed. All that was asked is that you bring your talent and passion to completing the CompTIA certification program. The online with live faculty training was the perfect modality. Before the EARN Maryland scholarship I was trying to get into the IT field for more than 2 years.”

Adam Van Meter – Security Compliance Officer @ Shift 4 Payments

“It wasn’t until I was accepted to study with Transmosis in their Cyber Security Boot Camp that my dream to work in cyber security started to become real. Suddenly, the IT projects I took on were giving me the experience I needed to build practical skills that could be used in a SOC, or to be a breaker.”

Zen Mori - IT Technician @ Full Spectrum Laser

“Before Transmosis, I was working at Jamba Juice trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I heard about the IT program and couldn’t help but inquire. I couldn’t have been happier I did. Thanks to the hands-on experience, and mentorship. I am now employed full-time.”

Justin Swinney | IT Specialist @ Switch

“The Transmosis Cybersecurity program finally opened my mind to what I truly was meant to do. After putting off technology for such a long due to running a concierge business in Las Vegas they gave me the opportunity and resources to re-light the fire that I once had. The program is designed exceptionally due to an impeccable support system and a vast array of materials to prepare you on your journey in cybersecurity. Transmosis was the best choice I made in 2018 and I am extremely grateful for getting a chance to partake”