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Built by hackers to protect against hackers

Use the world’s top rated technology to secure and scale your business while crushing cyber criminals.

Complete coverage from A to Z

Unlike typical antivirus software and traditional cybersecurity methods, transmosisONE is a state-of-the-art platform driven by both artificial and human intelligence, protecting all of your endpoints with the highest-rated accuracy.
Enjoy full coverage instead of just a little.

Next Generation Endpoint Detection & Response (XDR)

Response Automation

24/7 Security Operations Center

Unified endpoint security

Automatically prevent, detect and eliminate threats on your computers, networks and users with the highest precision. When a threat or suspicious activity in any area of your digital environment is detected, our platform and live 24/7 Security Operations Team rapidly investigates, analyzes, and eliminates the attack.

Included 24/7 Security Operations Center

Gain full access to a world-class managed service that’s included with your transmosisONE subscription at no extra cost, giving you the best combination of artificial and human intelligence on the planet.

Threat hunting



Peace of Mind

Light years ahead of antivirus

We combine multiple security technologies into one platform to prevent and detect known, unknown, standard and sophisticated threats across your entire environment:

Endpoint Detection & Response (XDR)

Endpoints (your computers and servers, physical or virtual) are your most vulnerable open door to cyber criminals. transmosisONE locks your endpoints down by using next generation artificial intelligence to continuously monitor your file, host, user and network components for threats and malicious activity. Then, it automatically responds to threats by performing actions at your device level, quarantining and/or blocking it.

Next Generation Antivirus (NGAV)

Next-Generation Antivirus is the new standard of all antiviruses. It is an advanced level of protection that combines artificial intelligence, behavioral detection, and algorithms to detect and prevent sophisticated attacks that traditional antivirus can’t keep up with. NGAV is rapid-acting, detects both known and unknown threats, and doesn’t slow down the rest of your system.

Network Analytics

Advanced cyber criminals target your weakest spots, gaining access to other resources in your digital environment to ultimately compromise your sensitive data and steal it. transmosisONE monitors network traffic to identify and detect points of intrusion, credential theft, criminal movement through your network, and data theft.


Beat cyber criminals at their own game. transmosisONE leverages cutting-edge deception technology with a deep understanding of criminal behavior to trick attackers, planting traps and decoys across your business’s digital infrastructure continuously. This lures criminals and reveals the presence of their activity, allowing threats to be eliminated earlier in the attack process. 

User Behavioral Analytics (UBA)

transmosisONE tracks your business’s user behavior so that any activity out of the normal is detected, and damage is rapidly minimized. Fully customized to your business environment, transmosisONE can monitor and prevent users from uploading or downloading files to cloud services like Dropbox, watching YouTube or Netflix during work hours, and almost any other user level activity.

Industry-leading automated response

transmosisONE’s technology is the leading solution that investigates and eliminates malicious activity with automated incident response across your business’s entire digital landscape. Our unique platform puts investigating, remediating and responding to cyber threats on auto-pilot, without any inconvenience to you. 

Accelerated response

transmosisONE’s technology combats all types of attacks that happen at the file, host, network and user levels. When a threat’s malicious activity or presence is detected, transmosisONE is equipped to fully remediate and eradicate the threat rapidly.


Detects abnormal login attempts, and disables the user locally on the host immediately.


Detects a host sending suspicious traffic to unknown external addresses, then blocks traffic from this host to that address.


Searches for evidence of an attack, discovers malicious service running on a host, and then surgically removes the service seamlessly.


Detects a suspicious file running on a host, then removes the file immediately for further investigation.


Detects an attacker intercepting data or inserting themselves into a conversation between two parties, then clears the infected host’s database.


Finds live trojan malware running on a host, then rapidly removes the host from the network.

Customized remediation

transmosisONE boosts your defense even further by expanding its pre-built remediation toolset and combining it with the most used core components of your business’s digital environment, ensuring complete security over every inch of your systems.



transmosisONE detects a host initiating suspicious traffic to an unknown external address


A custom remediation is crafted, instructing the firewall to block all traffic to and from the address


Traffic to and from the malicious address is now blocked for the entire environment



transmosisONE detects suspicious user login, indicating a compromised user account


A custom remediation is crafted, which disables the affected user account


The compromised user account is now globally disabled from logging in to any host in the environment

Automated playbooks for faster remediation

A playbook is a list of required steps and actions needed to successfully respond to any incident or threat. transmosisONE accelerates removing threats from your business’s systems by saving any preset or custom remediation actions as an automated playbook for various types of attacks. This enables our live 24/7 Security Operations team to respond quicker and more effectively to potential threats.


Detected Threat

transmosisONE is alerted to suspicious activity and provides analysts with the tools and context to investigate the incident



Analysts use transmosisONE’s preset or custom remediations to fully eliminate the malicious activity from the environment


Setting Playbook

All actions used to investigate and eliminate the threat are saved as a playbook to automate response in future events


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