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Transmosis Small Business AI Cybersecurity Software

Cyber liability coverage for small business survival

Minimize your risk with coverage that ensures your recovery after attack.

Built-in coverage you will love

No more contracts, insurance brokers, complicated jargon or long application processes. Keep your business moving fast knowing you have the financial safety net to recover after a breach.

Your transmosisONE subscription includes


of worry-free recovery reimbursements bundled with your 24/7 cybersecurity protection:


of ransomware and business email compromise protection


of business income loss protection


of compliance failure protection


of cyber legal liability protection

Stay ahead of damaging costs

If your customer, employee, partner or vendor data is stolen or compromised, you’ll have the means to afford 5-6 figure investigation and recovery costs, as well as critical reputation management and interruption expenses, to keep your business afloat.

Recover from getting sued

Cyber attack recovery costs go way beyond only paying for system repair. If you digitize any part of your business, you risk being sued out of existence by your customers, partners and vendors after a breach. Now you can tackle sucky lawsuits like a champ.

No applications, underwriting or complicated jargon required

Your cyber liability coverage comes conveniently bundled with your transmosisONE subscription. Payments are made lightning fast, within 15 days. Simply install transmosisONE and your coverage is activated with rapid payments in the event of a breach.*

Figuring out Cybersecurity sucks… but getting hacked sucks more

5-6 Figure Investigation & Recovery Costs

Lost Revenue from Business Downtime

Stolen Business, Customer & Vendor Data

Business Reputation Damage

Lawsuits & Government FInes

Keep your business swimming with transmosisONE

Our industry-leading coverage is designed to address evolving regulatory, legal and cybersecurity standards. Our Cyber Incident Response Fund coverage is always primary (regardless of other collectible insurance), all insuring clauses include prior acts coverage (such as for an unknown previous breach) and transmosisONE will never force a settlement.


No deductible


Covers mental injury


Protects against Social Engineering Fraud


Applies anywhere in the universe to address the continued evolution of hosting and data storage


Covers employees regardless of location - important for Work From Home initiatives


Broad policy definitions, including Protected Information that includes biometrics, internet browsing history and personally identifiable photos and video


Covers cloud-based extortion (i.e. ransomware) scenarios and extortion expenses paid in cryptocurrencies


Broad policy definitions, including Protected Information that includes biometrics, internet browsing history & personally identifiable photos and video


Integrated transmosisONE technology streamlines the application process. No need to deal with insurance brokers and figuring out the right coverage


24/7 Cybersecurity Protection + Cyber Liability Coverage

First Party Liability Coverage

First-party expenses can include the costs associated with notifying affected customers and employees of a data breach. Public relations and reputation management/recovery costs are also first-party expenses.

Business interruption expenses, cyber extortion reimbursement, and legal and forensic expenses to determine the extent of a data breach and its perpetrators are also grouped in first-party expenses.

Third Party Liability Coverage

Third-party expenses include the legal aspects of a data breach, particularly in the legal fees and costs of settlements, civil awards, or judgements resulting from a lawsuit.

Liability costs centered on network security, privacy liability or electronic media – such as trade libel, plagiarism or copyright / trademark infringement – are also grouped under third-party expenses.

The most comprehensive cybersecurity and cyber liability coverage on the planet… at a fraction of the price.