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Transmosis Cyber Security Analyst Training Program

Transmosis has developed a proprietary cyber security analyst training model that enables qualified applicants to become trained and hired as a cybersecurity analyst. The  Transmosis cyber security analyst program is designed to virtually train, virtually experience, and virtually deploy cybersecurity analysts at scale throughout the United States. Successfully applicants can complete the program virtually from any location in the United States and learn on-the-job (OJT) in our eSure.AI operating company that protects small businesses from cyber attack.

Transmosis now offers a unique opportunity to train as a Cyber Security  Analyst – level 1/2 while also preparing you for the CompTIA Security+ certification. Our training teaches how Cyber Security Analyst skills apply to our eSure.AI small business protection platform.  Finally, each student enters our eSure.AI Experiential Learning program where they learn in an actual remote, real-world, hands on SOC environment detecting, investigating, and responding to real client incidents utilizing state of the art endpoint protection software. Successful graduates are compensated as a Junior Cyber Security Analyst in our eSure.AI SOC or are hired directly into other organizations. 

What is a SOC Analyst? Level 1/2 professionals ensure that the team gets the functional security monitoring tools (with right configuration). These SOC Analysts work alongside expert cybersecurity analysts and managers identifying and analyzing the cyber-attacks, and then coordinate-response with SOC Analyst – level 2 professionals to complete required assessment reports. SOC Analysts may be provided with additional responsibilities such as disaster recovery.


A basic understanding of IT along with a Network+ certification and/or network experience is a prerequisite.


Network+ or similar required


Average Salary via

Approx 4 Months

Study 20 hrs/week

Program Start

Rolling Admissions


Phase 1 | SOC Analyst I Training

Timeline: *4-Weeks (*Min. 20+ hrs. per week expected of participants)

Phase 2 | Complete CompTIA Security+ Exam

Timeline: 1-Week

Phase 3 | CyberOps SOC Analyst Training

Timeline: 1-Week

Phase 4 | Transmosis CyberOps Externship

Timeline: 2+ Months