Tucson Alliance Offering IT, Cybersecurity Skills Training to Underserved Seeking Jobs in Booming Industry

Tucson Information Technology Skills Alliance, led by workforce developer Transmosis, set to offer rapid virtual and in-person IT training in bid to fill a massive local need.

October 12, 2021

TUCSON, AZ –– Underserved adults in the Tucson area have another opportunity to train for high-growth information technology careers, thanks to an additional Economic & Workforce Development Grant awarded to the Tucson Information Technology Skills Alliance by the City of Tucson. 

The Alliance’s intensive information technology training program will be offered to residents of the Tucson area with a focus on the unemployed, underserved, minorities, veterans, and low-wage career changers. 

Using a proprietary virtual training model created by Transmosis, a nationally-recognized cybersecurity workforce developer, the program enables applicants to become rapidly trained in employer-driven information technology skills that can lead to industry certifications and employment. 

“The need for a highly trained, agile and robust technology workforce is evident in Tucson, where talent is often imported into the region rather than focusing on development of the local workforce. Meeting this demand for qualified local IT professionals can change that trend, and is crucial for attracting and keeping businesses with continued job and wage growth,” says Edward Cruz, CEO of Go For Vertical. 

Tucson has witnessed a booming 90 percent growth in technology jobs and a 29 percent growth in tech job wages over the last several years. However, employers continue to struggle to fill the open positions with local qualified candidates, according to Tucson Business Insider

The Alliance is a partnership between economic development nonprofit Community Investment Corporation (CIC), Tucson-based tech accelerator Go For Vertical, and Transmosis Corporation. 

To apply, please visit: https://grant.transmosis.com/tucson


About Community Investment Corporation (CIC):  Community Investment Corporation (CIC) is a financial empowerment nonprofit. We give the members of our community, who are shut out of and left behind in our economy, access to the knowledge and financing they need to pursue new opportunities. By creating more equitable access to financial resources, we create a more just society.  At CIC, WE KNOW YOUR WORTH. Learn more about our loan, homeownership, and school bond compliance programs at CICTucson.org.

About Go for Vertical: Go For Vertical is a Tucson-based technology and venture accelerator with a mission to help the Southern Arizona region develop a robust innovation ecosystem. With a focus on startups, nonprofits and enterprise clients, G4V has grown from a small group based in Tucson to an expanded team of over 100 consultants and engineers based both in the US and overseas delivering global technology and business solutions. For more information see www.goforvertical.com.

About Transmosis: Transmosis is a nationally recognized cybersecurity workforce developer that enables American workers to develop new careers in the rapidly growing information security industry. Transmosis is the creator of transmosisONE, a Fortune 5000 cybersecurity platform designed to protect small businesses/SMBs from cyber attack with integrated cyber liability coverage.

Tucson Alliance Offering IT, Cybersecurity Skills Training to Underserved Seeking Jobs in Booming Industry