Your personal cybersecurity team, at no extra cost

Leading security analysts monitor, hunt and resolve threats for you in any location – no new hires required.

The best human intelligence running the best artificial intelligence

Be confident that your sensitive data is safe from attack using one of the best cybersecurity platforms in the world– backed by some of the best security analysts in the U.S. Whether you’re working from home or at the office, your eSure.AI Security Ops team is watching your business’s digital activity like a hawk.

Top-trained U.S. Security Analysts

24/7 monitoring and threat hunting

Follows business in any location

On-demand and unlimited access

Real people committed to protecting real business

We produce top security analysts for a living who are experts committed to defending your business like it’s their own baby. Our proprietary virtual Security Analyst training model serves as the foundation of eSure.AI, saving you time, money and worry.

No more never-ending alerts

Cybersecurity is already hard to figure out, so why would you want to receive alerts that depend on you to deal with? Your Security Operations team continuously monitors your networks, analyzes security events, and proactively hunts and responds to threats so you don’t have to.

True 24/7 security, wherever you go

Unlike other “24/7” security support services, your Security Operations team isn’t just sending you geeky monthly reports or waiting for you to call in an emergency. Get live, on demand access to your team in any location. Interact directly with your analysts with questions, anytime, without annoying extra fees or time usage restrictions.

Boost your business reputation & grow

In today’s digital landscape, would you rather work with a business running antivirus software or a business that is protected with one of the best security platforms in the world? Having your own team of security professionals locking down your sensitive data immediately gives your business VIP status– helping you to scale.

Safe, controlled & efficient protection, wherever you do business

Your team of security analysts is constantly setting traps for cyber criminals and leveraging powerful artificial intelligence technology to find hidden threats wherever you are. Enjoy big budget cybersecurity without the hefty price tag.

Alert Monitoring

Continuous analyst monitoring of threats and alerts so you don’t have to

24/7 Availability

Ongoing threat hunting and on demand, unlimited access to your analysts – no restrictions

Remediation Services

Swift guidance on device, file, user and network traffic requiring remediation

Whitelisting & Tuning

Reduce false positives and increase accuracy of threat detection and containment

Full Attack Investigation

Gain full understanding of an attack's impact and eliminate future threats

Proactive Threat Hunting

Proactively hunt hidden threats using A.I. and multiple live data intelligence feeds

Put cash back into your pocket

No more new hires or extra resources required. Get a team that protects and grows with you.