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Easily meet your regulatory requirements with eSure.AI.

Cybersecurity compliance is a no brainer

Not maintaining cybersecurity compliance for your business is like driving without a driver’s license. Having fully compliant cybersecurity in today’s computerized world is much more than best practice for protecting your business. This is stuff you need, like, yesterday. Here’s why:

Advantage #1

Want to make an insurance claim?

Ah, insurance. Such complexity and annoyance, but critical today. Many businesses are shocked during the claims process to learn that their cybersecurity does not meet compliance requirements, voiding their claim. Fine print kills – so make the claims process easy and ensure you get paid out with fully compliant cybersecurity, no questions asked.

Advantage #2

Want to score lucrative partnerships?

Would you agree to work with another business whose cybersecurity fails to meet industry, law or government standards? Now more than ever, corporations and government organizations are requiring the businesses they work with to have fully compliant cybersecurity, because then they know the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of your (and their!) business data is protected. This is the new industry standard to doing business together.

Advantage #3

Want to avoid costly business interruption?

Maintaining full cybersecurity compliance reduces your risk of a data breach, but also helps reduce response and recovery time and costs in the event of one. This means instead of stalling business, you’re able to get back up on your feet faster, effectively avoiding crippling business interruption, loss, and reputational damage. Protect your customer and partner’s trust in you.

Advantage #4

Want to avoid significant fines and penalties?

Failing to meet cybersecurity compliance standards can have financially damaging consequences. Small businesses pay on average 5 to 6 figures in recovery costs after a data breach – and if you’re not compliant, fines and penalties reach in the five to six figure range, too. A HIPAA violation can cost as much as $50,000 per violation, up to $1.5 million a year!

The widest compliance coverage available

eSure.AI enables your business to fully comply with all breach protection aspects of major regulatory and governmental frameworks, spanning requirements across Monitoring & Control, Attack Prevention & Detection, and Response Orchestration. Our consolidated endpoint, user and network protection provides the most complete requirements coverage that can be found in a single platform.






Complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is essential to any organization that stores and processes branded credit cards.

  • eSure.AI meets all parts of requirement 5: “Protect all systems against malware and regularly update antivirus software or programs.”
  • eSure.AI assists in meeting additional PCI requirements.

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eSure.AI’s Autonomous Breach Protection Platform meets PCI DSS Requirements

NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF)

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework (CSF) establishes information security standards and guidelines for critical infrastructure and is in wide use by organizations of all verticals. NIST CSF breaks down security into five categories: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover. 

  • eSure.AI directly supports key requirements across all categories.
  • Additionally, eSure.AI provides supplemental support across all controls that entail manual workflows and processes.

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eSure.AI’s Autonomous Breach Protection Platform meets NIST CSF Controls


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the binding standard to any organization that conducts business operations in the European Union. GDPR includes vast specifications that relate to the responsibility of organizations to safeguard private customer information from both inadvertent exposure as well as from malicious breach. GDPR prescribes six principles for the processing of personal data: fairness and transparency; purpose limitation; data minimization; accuracy; storage limitation; integrity and confidentiality; and accountability.

  • eSure.AI provides direct support to integrity, confidentiality, and accountability by playing a key role in prevention, detection and response processes. 

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eSure.AI’s Autonomous Breach Protection Platform Meets GDPR Requirements


HIPAA provides requirements and guidelines for maintaining the security and privacy of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Some of the specifications in HIPAA are policy process requirements that are entirely within the organization’s responsibility, while others apply to implemented technology. HIPAA specifications are divided into the following groups: Risk Management, Protection from Malicious Software, Log-In Monitoring, Integrity, Response and Reporting, Audit Controls and Notification. 

  • eSure.AI provides direct and supplemental support across all HIPAA groups.

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eSure.AI’s Autonomous Breach Protection Platform meets HIPAA Specifications

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