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Put recurring revenue in your pocket with a fully managed cybersecurity-as-a-service that helps everyone involved grow.

Why now?

The world has changed – and so has the industry, with cybersecurity dominating. Small businesses are now the #1 target for cyber attack, carrying massive financial risk with the digitization of the economy. The demand for non-sucky, robust, and affordable cybersecurity for small businesses has never been hotter.

eSure.AI enables you to finally bring yourself and your small business customers into the world’s top 1% of protection – all delivered in a model with everything you need to sell more while saving time and money.

Did you know?

Gartner forecasts cybersecurity spending will surpass $150 billion in 2021 alone, and 66% of small businesses are either concerned or extremely concerned about their cyber security risk.

Everything you need to make success easy

Our Partner Program is designed to invest in and support your expansion in an industry that is still in its infancy, yet demonstrating endless future growth at a breakneck pace. Stay ahead of the curve with a completely outsourced solution that brings you recurring revenue without the need for the huge time and money to support it. 

Keep your competitive edge

Finally, offer your small business customers better security at better prices. Our unique platform gives your existing clients enterprise grade technology and service that’s proven its performance in the toughest environments, even providing fully integrated liability protection. Help your customers thrive using the top 1% of cybersecurity – and attract new clients, too.

Simple pricing & rapid deployment

Our competitive pricing model uses just one all-inclusive subscription, eliminating the need for complicated pricing tiers, making selling easier for you. And, installation and deployment is a piece of cake, taking only minutes for an easy and fast setup process.

One phone call away

Make your experience as hands-off as possible, saving yourself time and management costs. Our 24/7 Security Operations team is actively monitoring, hunting and responding to threats for you, not sending you sucky alerts. And, if you ever need us, we’re one phone call away – anytime and anywhere you are, no restrictions or extra fees involved. 

Co-branded initiatives

A huge part of being successful in this industry is education. We prioritize evidence-based training and information in everything we do, providing you with ready-to-use marketing assets that are highly educational, and offer co-branded webinars and events to help further broaden your team and customers’ knowledge base. 

Ongoing sales & marketing development

We don’t hand you the platform and leave it to you to figure out how to sell it – that just sucks. We provide one-on-one, customized marketing support to target your perfect prospects, and give your sales team dedicated monthly training and strategy sessions so you can more rapidly grab market share. 

Unmatched security for unbeatable value

We’re innovating the small business cybersecurity sector, combining multiple capabilities in one effective, accessible solution. Expand your services by offering a completely outsourced solution at incredibly affordable pricing – without overwhelming your customers or your overhead, increasing your profitability now and into the future. 

Helping you and your customers grow

Defending vulnerable small businesses with an unmatched level of affordable security is what we do. Providing our partners with flexible pricing, 24/7 support and dedicated resources for the most symbiotic relationship is how we do it.


Offer your customers an industry-leading platform that ensures end-to-end breach protection across their entire environment without having to buy, integrate and manage multiple controls.


On-demand U.S. based security analysts monitor, hunt and respond to threats around the clock, combining the best of cutting-edge technology and human intelligence.


Guarantee your customers’ full compliance and recovery with included $1,000,000 of coverage and worry-free, fast reimbursements. No brokers, complicated applications or underwriting.


Remote work is here to stay. Offer your customers cybersecurity that follows their endpoints in any location, so they never have to worry about insider threats or vulnerable work environments.


Get a fully outsourced, all-in-one solution delivered in a flexible monthly subscription that costs less than auto insurance. No contracts, hidden fees, or headaches. Say yes to more time.


Your time is money. Add massive value while filing a critical industry need. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you, and watch your profit margins grow.

"As an MSP, I can't begin to tell you how valuable this has been for our small business clients. This is a huge market seriously lacking in robust, affordable cybersecurity options that are simple to deploy. This offers the complete package for our small business customers, providing huge value not only to them but to my business as well. Highly recommended."

Jeremy Stayton

President, SymbioSystems





When you know, you know

Join us on our mission to help protect small businesses everywhere (literally) with a fully outsourced, profitable endpoint-security-as-a-service you won’t find anywhere else at this price.