Top Affordable A.I. Cyber Security Software for Small Businesses, MSPs Launches

Transmosis CyberOps is bringing first to market military grade, affordable cyber security A.I. software to small businesses and MSPs for maximum protection against cyber attacks

Phoenix, Arizona, May 28, 2020 – Transmosis, a nationally recognized leader in cyber security workforce development, today announced the launch of CyberOps, a new affordable AI cybersecurity software service for helping small businesses and MSPs protect against cyber attack.  Increasingly, cyber criminals are targeting small companies as “easy pickings” – whether to steal customer data or hold computer networks ransom.  More than half of all cyber attacks last year were against small business resulting in 60% of them being closed within six months (*Cisco).  The average cost in 2019 for small businesses to recover from a ransomware attack was $84,000 (*Forbes).

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Compounding the problem is that many small businesses work electronically with partners or share consumer data online, making them not just financially responsible for breaches to their own systems but also to third parties.  New laws in States like New York (Shield Act) and California (CCPA) open up increased liability and statutory damages for data breaches if increased cyber security protections are not met, even if not headquartered in that State.

To address this growing problem Transmosis has developed CyberOps, an autonomous breach detection platform connected to a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) where live analysts monitor and eliminate threats in real time.  CyberOps was modeled after the sophisticated protection systems used by Fortune 1000 companies that deploy expensive enterprise software with fully staffed Security Operations Centers.  By combining a next-generation AI software platform with 24/7 live analyst monitoring, CyberOps can ensure a level of protection for small business security typically reserved for much larger companies with 7-figure budgets.  CyberOps acts as a small businesses’ fully outsourced cyber security team, no need to hire any additional resources.

“The cyber security industry hasn’t addressed the small business market in a material way,” said Chase Norlin, CEO of Transmosis.  “Small businesses are stuck in a world between weak consumer Antivirus solutions and the expensive enterprise software market.  Sophisticated cyber security platforms have traditionally been out of reach for small businesses where many owners falsely believe they are safe from attack.”

CyberOps protects both office and home environments and was designed to be affordable for small businesses by offering a monthly subscription-based model with no set-up fees.  For further information about the CyberOps small business cybersecurity solution please visit


About Transmosis

Transmosis is a nationally recognized cyber security workforce developer that enables American workers to develop new careers in the rapidly growing information security industry.  Transmosis workforce coalitions have upskilled thousands of workers and facilitated over $50M in funding by helping individuals address skill gaps through state and federal training dollars.  For more information visit

About CyberOps

CyberOps is a military grade cyber security platform designed to protect small businesses from cyber attack.  The CyberOps platform is comprised of an A.I. driven autonomous breach detection software combined with a 24/7 live Security Operations Center to continuously monitor and defend small businesses against cyber attack.  For more information visit


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Top Affordable A.I. Cyber Security Software for Small Businesses, MSPs Launches