These Are the 25 Best Jobs for 2016


A new list ranks jobs based on salary, career prospects, and number of openings.

Late last year, Glassdoor estimated that approximately 45% of Americans with a job or looking for one planned to launch a job hunt in 2016. Now, the job site—whose company reviews are generated from employee feedback—has published a list of occupations that those job seekers would be well advised to pursue.

Based on three factors—the number of job openings, earnings potential as measured by median base salary, and the rating of the career opportunity—Glassdoor compiled a list of the “best” jobs in America this year. (It only considered jobs titles that received at least 75 salary reviews and 75 career opportunity reviews.) Here are the top 25:

25 Best Jobs of 2016 According to Glassdoor

                                        Source: Glassdoor

The most sought-after position among the top 25 is No. 9, software engineer, for which there are 49,270 current openings on Glassdoor. It should come as a surprise to no one that the list is heavy on tech jobs—data scientist, solutions architect, mobile developer. But it’s not just tech companies that are hiring for those positions; they’re in demand across various industries, according to Glassdoor. And there are several non-tech standouts, namely, finance-focused jobs like tax manager, audit manager, and finance manager.

Job seekers who manage to land these desirable gigs will be paid in kind. Their base salaries fall in the $69,548 to $135,000 range—which far surpasses what the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates as the annual mean wage—$47,230.

These Are the 25 Best Jobs for 2016