Minimum Wage Blowback: From Fast Food to Whole Foods



By Chris Rossini


Government “help” always produces blowback. When government force is used to supposedly benefit “workers,” employers adapt. It’s during that adaptation process that the government “help” inevitably turns into government “hurt”.

The “Fight for 15” thing has caused fast-food restaurants to rapidly automate. From McDonalds to Wendy’s (who is putting kiosks in all 6,000 restaurants), those who thought the government would use the threat of violence to “help” them are not going to get $15/hr. They’re going to get zero instead.

Pink slips instead of an unjustified raise.

It’s not stopping at fast-food either. Other companies can see which way the wind is blowing as well, so they’re getting out ahead of it.

Breitbart reports:

Whole Foods may still be seen by shoppers as an alternative to corporate grocery chains, but the highly-profitable corporation just opened its first “365 by Whole Foods” in Los Angeles in an effort to use kiosks and robots to cut 60 percent of staffing costs and maximize profitability. […]

The new “365” stores employ 110 people, versus a normal Whole Foods store staff of 230…By unveiling its more modestly priced grocery chain, CEO Mackey said that he wanted to be “the hunter” with the “365” concept, rather than the hunted.

See that? Employers don’t want to be “the hunted”.

Who would?

Americans need to think first before showing up to their employer with “Daddy” government by their side. The employer will kick the both of you out!

Government doesn’t “help”…

It only hurts.
Minimum Wage Blowback: From Fast Food to Whole Foods