How the current world transformations will affect your life ?

by: Diane Lenne & Mona Saïdi
Schemas by: Aurelien Guery

The network society

Information technologies are growing exponentially, bringing humans to interact into a decentralized way, and organized in a network.
These revolutions affect today’s traditional pyramidal organization of society. Institutions and organizations are shaked by the shift of power that is occuring.
We need to think critically about how much Artificial intelligence is gonna rule our lives. It questions what it means to be human more than ever.

An ever-changing market

At an individual level, it questions the way we work, our careers. 50% of jobs will disappear in 10 years. The time when we could rely on the market stability is over. Yet, schools trains us to learn the skills from jobs of the last century.
So, the best way to cope with change is to embrace it. This is not a new concept. The philosphy of Stoicism was also born in a world falling apart.They taught us that we should try to control ourselves first before trying to control the events around us.

The age of the Life-Long learning

But There is only one place the world can’t touch: our inner selves. We can control our intentions, thoughts, beliefs, habits, attitudes, in one word : our mindset.
If we focus on enhancing our growth mindset, we will start developing a unique mastery of given subjects. By doing so, we stay ahead of the game of the market.
In other words, growing our own value and adjusting it to market realities seems to be a safer choice instead of putting efforts on answering the needs of a market that will have radically changed in the coming years -even months.
The future belongs to those who master adaptability, self-renewal in their jobs and lives.

Outdated education system

Still, the education system is built on a top down and pyramidal mode. We are funneled into separate and existing boxes, where we end up feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied and even depressed. In an ever-changing world, the boxes in which we are trained to fit will be outdated in some years. The current education system focuses on delivering knowledge (top-down) rather than fostering self-knowledge (learning by doing). There is a lack of units inside of universities to empower students to express their talents and interests in their education and career path. Typical French common beliefs about work & talents and skills limits our options.

From motivation to mastery

We need the education to help us guide us into growing our talents and interets, our unique value.
This refers to one of the oldest idea about education as a means to “light a fire and not fill up a vase”.
By helping individuals connect with what motivates them, we trigger a hunger for learning that comes from inside each individuals. The teacher is no longer there to deliver content and to discipline but rather to guide and mentor students on their own learning path.
A study about motivation conducted by the HR team of Google shows that, “the more motivated you are, the better you become at something/in a field.” It seems the nbr one criteria for employing someone is starting to be motivation in “fast-learning environments”. Plus, each student will develop a master for (a) given subject(s).

Work driven by purpose

More and more third-places (coworking, fab and open labs, hacker and maker spaces) are gathering communities of people who work and learn together/ where the frontier between professional and personal life is fading away. In a way, it enables more authenticity at work. From a 3 month tour around creative spaces in Paris, San francisco, Boston, Nyc and Romania, I identified some characteristics of innovative ecosystems :

  • Sense of perception and intuition
  • Critical thinking toward themselves and society
  • Motivation and hunger for learning and sharing
  • Experimenting unrelated ideas

Yet, many individuals are extremely unsatisfied and out of step with their education and job mission, and unaware about how much current world transformattions will affect them. But no opportunities will ever come to them, unless they start searching for them.

Be a reporter for your future

WE ARE THE PROJECTS (WAP) develops unformatted educational and training programs to bring individuals to think and act creatively about their future.

From reporting and get inspired, to questionning with collaborative techniques, to expression of talents and action and peer learning and coaching, the participants design the problems creatively and take action accordingly.

Today we have two programs :
I Create your future path
II Create the future society

The first program has been experimented at EMLYON for the frst time.
A 15h course lead by students for students
Students are reporter for their future by interviewing their inspirations
Students accelerate learning and personal growth using self-reflection with peers
Students design & lead their sessions content & form

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” Jim Rohn

How the current world transformations will affect your life ?