How cybersecurity pros can improve their LinkedIn profiles: 4 tips

Cyber experts are in great demand, but still need to put their best foot forward to ensure maximum salary and benefit offers from employers.

Demand for cybersecurity pros remains high, continuing last year’s trends, according to recruiting firm Mondo.

“A majority of enterprise-level companies are still looking to hire cybersecurity professionals, but there continues to be a low supply of candidates that meet the criteria of current cybersecurity roles available, so it’s definitely a hot market from the candidate perspective,” said Stephen Zafarino, senior director of recruiting at Mondo.

While searches for roles in cybersecurity have increased, job postings are now starting to decline, according to data from job search site Indeed. That means those in the field must make sure their online resumes and information are up to date and include all relevant information to make themselves more competitive in the job market, and to net the best possible compensation package from employers.

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“Cybersecurity roles require a combination of broad technical skills with specific security expertise and an understanding of business risk,” said Raj Mukherjee, senior vice president of product at Indeed. “Cybersecurity professionals who have experience in mobile security, identity and access management, and application security should add those to their resumes as they are specialties employers are seeking from applicants.”

Here are four tips for what to prioritize on your LinkedIn profile if you’re looking for a job in cybersecurity.

1. Coding skills

Depending on the position, you may or may not need strong coding skills for a cybersecurity job. However, they are often necessary for analyzing software for vulnerabilities, identifying malicious attacks, and other tasks required in the field.

“When I am hiring someone in the cybersecurity domain, I try to see what they know and have done technically,” said Engin Kirda, professor of computer science at Northeastern University.

2. Practical knowledge of vulnerabilities and attacks

Those hiring cybersecurity pros are looking for concrete examples of your knowledge of exploits and attacks, Kirda said. “I believe that being knowledgeable in cybersecurity also means that the candidate knows how attacks work in practice (not only in theory), and has a good understanding of the state of the art defenses, and their limitations,” he added.

3. Networking skills

Indeed research has shown that globally, network security specialists are the most in demand by employers, Mukherjee said.

“Networking skills are important,” Kirda said. “I try to see if someone has operational and technical knowledge on networks and network-based services.”

4. All certifications and tools

As a candidate, you want to be able to distinguish yourself from other cybersecurity professionals, and show your focus within the field, Zafarino said. “The best way to do that is by including all relevant cybersecurity certifications, environments, tools, and skills on your LinkedIn profile,” he added.

This means including information on what your environment is like (such as complete secured or corporate), and highlighting any tools you’re experienced with. Include all of your certifications, even those that may seem irrelevant, Zafarino said—some companies are looking for experts with specific certifications even if they don’t explicitly state that in a job description.

How cybersecurity pros can improve their LinkedIn profiles: 4 tips