Executive Insight: Navigating The Dangerous New Realm Of Home Cyber Liability

To hackers, every computer signifies potential financial gain, regardless of size or ownership

The digital age has revolutionized our daily lives, offering incredible conveniences and limitless possibilities. Yet, it has simultaneously introduced a dangerous landscape for consumers and small businesses—home cyber liability. The rise of this colossal threat has been driven by a shift in the target of cybercriminals from corporate giants to comparatively defenseless households and small-scale businesses.Big businesses with extensive budgets leverage state-of-the-art cyber defense technologies with Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts. A role that holds a pivotal position in the cybersecurity industry, SOC analysts act as the indispensable “human intelligence” base that assists organizations in safeguarding against cyber attacks. These corporations around the globe capitalize on their insights, along with advanced cyber defense tools, to build resilient barricades against intrusion attempts.

However, this has led cybercriminals to pivot towards easier prey—consumers and small businesses. Many of these targets often operate from domestically located insecure wireless networks with foreign-produced IoT devices, lacking the robust security infrastructure of their corporate counterparts. To hackers, every computer signifies potential financial gain, regardless of size or ownership.

With a whopping 70% of ransom attacks occurring today, computers, referred to as ‘endpoints,’ have become the focal point of intricate financial liabilities for consumers and small businesses. These include valuable cloud passwords, banking data, and sensitive personal or work-related details vulnerable to extortion and ransom. Adding to the worries, these endpoints also proffer an entryway to invade other devices within a residential or commercial network.

Chase Norlin, CEO and Founder of eSure.AI

Take, for instance, the innocent internet exploration by a teenager. If they click on a dubious link, it can install malware and ransomware onto their computer. Upon connecting to a shared home network, the malicious software can spread rapidly, affecting other devices and increasing the financial risk. This liability could involve extortionate ransom payments and potential legal consultations and repercussions for any employers involved.

This newfound danger introduces unprecedented financial risks that many consumers and small businesses are blissfully unaware of, exacerbating the problem. Although standard antivirus programs provide some level of security, they often fall short of eliminating this risk. Similarly, identity theft protection packages fail to cover these new risks.

An observation by Bloomberg encapsulated this growing concern perfectly. “While the enterprise endpoint cybersecurity market is blossoming, the consumer alternatives seem stuck in the past, still marketing the same frightening digital hazards and swearing that their software will envelop your computer in a cocoon of safety.”

Hence, it is abundantly clear that consumers and small businesses are stepping into unknown territories, plagued with cyber threats they are hardly equipped to face, let alone mitigate. This is exactly the reason why we built eSure.AI. eSure.AI harnesses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and a comprehensive $1,000,000 liability protection to protect consumers and small businesses.

The risk of home cyber liability is, unfortunately, one that will continue to grow in reach and severity. It has never been more crucial to understand the dangers, prepare, protect oneself proactively, and ideally, invest in expert services that offer peace of mind, knowing your digital domains are defended.


About the Author
Chase Norlin is the CEO of Transmosis, a nationally recognized cybersecurity workforce developer that enables American workers to develop new careers in the rapidly growing information security industry. Transmosis is the creator of eSure.AI, a next-generation cybersecurity platform that protects consumers and small businesses from cyber attacks with integrated financial liability protection. Previously, Norlin was the founder and CEO of Emerge Digital Group, named the 8th fastest-growing company in America by revenue growth. Norlin is a serial technology entrepreneur who founded the Internet’s first online video-sharing platform, video search engine, and photo-sharing service.

Executive Insight: Navigating The Dangerous New Realm Of Home Cyber Liability