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How Small-Business Owners Really Feel About the Future

Tech companies, not surprisingly, expressed greater interest in the skilled, educated, and entrepreneurial than in the tired, poor, and huddled. More than 40 percent of respondents were in favor of more visas for skilled workers. One exception is Chase Norlin, executive director of San Francisco-based Transmosis. “If there are two million unemployed people in California, and 50 million-plus in America, you are telling me there is not 5 percent of that population that is employable and willing to go the extra mile to work at American businesses and fast-growing high-tech companies?” he says. “Of course there are. There are...

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Transmosis selected to speak at the California Workforce Association Spring Conference

WORKFOCE ACCELERATOR FUND SHOWCASE May 12-14, Orange County Hyatt Moderator Amy Wallace, Assistant Director for Workforce Innovation, California Workforce Investment Board Presenters Mary Fuller, COO, Hack the Hood Chase Norlin, Executive Director, Transmosis Erick Serrato, Deputy Director, Pacific Gateway WIB Utilia Guzman, Special Projects Program Specialist, Pacific Gateway WIB Christopher Gallegos, Communications Specialist, Pacific Gateway WIB Alex Becker, Program Associate, Child Welfare Initiative Funded by the CWIB and EDD, the Workforce Accelerator Fund worked with 18 projects to design innovative approaches to serving California job seekers, students, and employers. This process created and prototyped innovative strategies that helped to...

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Transmosis Case Studies

Transmosis runs a nationally recognized training and externship program focused on enhancing the skills of job seekers and placing/recruiting them into leading technology oriented employers. Job seekers are matched with sponsor employers and engage in project-based work to enhance their skills in high demand industry categories.  While job seekers fill their skill gaps by working directly in an externship with their sponsor company, the Transmosis placement team works directly with the candidate on resume optimization and job submission.  Additionally, Transmosis operates an in-house placement and recruiting service that represents a variety of leading technology employers, giving real-time visibility into...

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Transmosis to speak at the Nevada Economic Development Conference

Transmosis Executive Director to host a panel at the Nevada Economic Development Conference, May 19-21, University of Nevada, Reno: “The Power of Business Incubation in Economic Development and Labor Force Conversion” This session will focus on the importance of business incubation to the regional economy, why startup companies and innovation are critical to regional economic expansion, and how the local labor force can be inspired and transformed to participate in the New Economy.  ...

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Which Job Boards Are Used by California’s Employment Professionals?

By Michael Bernick Former California Employment Development Department Director & Milken Institute Fellow Thursday, October 23rd, 2014   Which job boards are used by California’s employment professionals today? Earlier this month, Transmosis, the tech group dedicated to fuller employment in California,     undertook a survey of 21 job counselors associated with two Workforce Investment Boards, NOVA in Silicon Valley and Contra Costa County. Job counselors were asked, “Which internet job placement sites have you utilized in the past three months?”,and “Of the sites utilized, which has proved most effective?” The results are summarized below. 27 internet websites were mentioned as sites utilized...

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Hiding in Plain Sight: the Labor Pool at our Doorstep (EDITORIAL: Fox & Hounds)

In a recent article on my former company, Emerge Digital Group, Michael Bernick talked about an innovative hiring model we inadvertently created in building our business. Given our rapid growth and lack of capital we were essentially forced into hiring outside the traditional Silicon Valley model of poaching the best candidates from competitors. Instead, we hired workers from other industries, the unemployed or underemployed, interns, really anybody we could get our hands on. What started as a one-off became an almost institutionalized practice of hiring the hungriest and scrappiest people who would do anything to get ahead. The result?...

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Transmosis Launch

(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE)   TRANSMOSIS ANNOUNCES OFFICIAL LAUNCH Founded by Technology Entrepreneurs dedicated to Applied Research on how Technology can positively impact the American Workforce SAN FRANCISCO, CA – June 1, 2014 – Transmosis officially launched today, an organization founded by Silicon Valley Technology Entrepreneurs dedicated to the research and application of technology to improve and strengthen the American workforce.  Transmosis has received a grant from Silicon Valley NOVA Workforce Board through funds from the Federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA), to engage in applied research of how technology is impacting the American workforce.  Transmosis provides technology training, internship, and placement services...

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Transmosis Externship Program at California Workforce Association's "Meeting of the Minds".

Transmosis Executive Director presentation to the California Workforce Association, Anaheim, CA.
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