Job growth is swirling down the drain

By: John Crudele Yikes! Splat! Plop! Oy vey! Job growth fell hard in April as the government’s employment numbers confirmed the disappointing reality already self-evident on nearly every Main Street across the US. The economy was a loser this spring, and the statistical proof of this is catching up with reality. The Labor Department on Friday announced that only 160,000… Read more →


Rich and powerful warn robots are coming for your jobs

Robots assemble the main body of one of Daihatsu Motor’s vehicles at the minivehicle maker’s Kyushu Oita (Nakatsu) No.2 Plant in Nakatsu, Oita prefecture, Japan, April 6, 2016. REUTERS/Naomi Tajitsu/File Photo By: Olivia Oran LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Some of the richest, smartest and most powerful humans have an important message for the rest of us as they convened this week… Read more →


5 Powerful Resources For Finding Remote Work Opportunities

PowerToFly founders Katherine Zaleski (left) and Milena Berry (right) are a powerful force for women who want to work remotely. Photo by: Samantha Casolari. By: Kavi Guppta Let’s cut to the chase: remote work is becoming a viable option for people seeking jobs, and companies hoping to fill roles. In August of 2015, Gallup noted that 37-percent of the U.S. population… Read more →


If You’ve Ever Been Called A ‘Job-Hopper,’ Read This

By: Liz Ryan That mode of operation is dangerous, as too many working people have learned through harsh experience. Going to sleep on your career and relying on your employer to take care of your career for you is the worst decision you can make! The truth is that “job-hoppers” earn more money, grow bigger muscles and become more marketable… Read more →


Two Sigma Co-Founder `Very Worried’ Machines Will Take Jobs

By: Saijel Kishan   David Siegel, co-founder of $35 billion quantitative hedge fund Two Sigma, says he’s “very worried” that machines could soon cost large swaths of the global workforce their jobs. “Most people in the bulk of the job market are not involved in super-high-value jobs,” Siegel said at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California on Monday.… Read more →

8 Tech Skills That Will Help You Land a Six-Figure Salary

By: Julie Bort According to job-hunting site Dice, employers are searching resumes for these words or phrases most frequently. In the tech industry, one day a skill is hot, the next it’s not. IT professionals spend a lot of their career learning, training, and trying to keep up. Job-hunting site Dice prides itself on helping IT pros navigate which skills to pursue.… Read more →


Podcast – Meet Chase Norlin, Silicon Valley Tech Entrepreneur and CEO of Transmosis, Workforce Accelerator

It’s Day 7 of our 30 Day Podcast Project. In this episode, you will meet Chase Norlin, a longtime Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of Transmosis, a workforce accelerator. Learn the story behind this mission-driven startup that provides technology training, externship, and placement services to public workforce systems, educational institutions, State and Federal governments. Read more →


The Ugly Truth About A $15 Minimum Wage

A $15 minimum wage will mean wiping out thousands of entry-level opportunities for people without many other options. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) By: Ed Rensi Mr. Rensi is the former president and chief executive officer of McDonald’s USA. The Service Employees International Union spent 2015 expanding its campaign for a $15 minimum wage to other industries. In recent nationwide protests, the… Read more →


Transmosis to present at the Society for Information Management (SIM) Las Vegas General Membership Meeting

Transmosis will present on Regional Workforce Acceleration at the SIM Las Vegas General Membership Meeting on May 19, 2016. Andrew Moy of Transmosis will discuss the power of employer driven on-the-job training in a regional Workforce Accelerator setting to address localized skill gaps in the workforce.  Transmosis recently won a grant from the Nevada Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology (OSIT)… Read more →