Transmosis is an organization founded by Silicon Valley Technology Entrepreneurs dedicated to the research and application of technology to strengthen the American workforce.  

Transmosis is a nationally recognized Cyber Security Workforce Intermediary focused on enabling companies to build a pipeline of skilled labor by helping individuals address skill gaps through state and federal training dollars.


Our mission is to promote the transformation of American workers into a New Economy skilled labor force.


Because American workers are facing significant challenges today:  the “robotization” of many jobs, increasing international workforce competition, the disruption and transformation of industries as a result of new technology, workforce discrimination, and the need to acquire new skills and training to be relevant in our New Economy, to name a few. As entrepreneurs, we know that where there are challenges there are opportunities.

Who We Are

Transmosis is an organization founded by key leaders in technology, labor, and government. Our interdisciplinary and non-partisan approach affords us the ability to look across industries and markets to formulate solutions that drive our mission.

Who We Serve

Students, career changers, veterans, youth, under/unemployed, displaced workers, and those with disabilities.  We are ruthless in our pursuit of helping others.


Transmosis has won numerous awards and grants including:

· Multiple recipient of the Workforce Accelerator Fund (the California Workforce Investment Board and the Employment Development Department funded projects that accelerate employment and re-employment strategies for California job seekers).

· Multiple recipient of Maryland EARN Program (Maryland Cyber Skills Alliance in partnership with CompTIA).

· Co-recipient of the Career Pathways Trust grant awarded by the State of California Dept. of Education.

· Co-recipient with McKinsey Social Initiative of the State of Nevada Governor’s Office STEM Workforce Challenge Grant to train local workers into the IT industry.

· Development of the nation’s first cybersecurity apprenticeship program for the State of California for defining and connecting the population with employer driven training in the cybersecurity field.

· Nevada STEM WorkForce Challenge Grant from the Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology (OSIT) to develop a new IT/Network workforce training program in Southern Nevada.

· Nevada STEM WorkForce Challenge Grant from the Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology (OSIT) to develop a new Cybersecurity workforce training program in Southern Nevada.

To date Transmosis has facilitated over $30MM in funding to drive these initiatives.

Transforming Our Future

Technology is accelerating the transformation of every major American industry, whether you work directly for a technology company or not. Unfortunately, our labor force has not changed along with it and more and more Americans are being left out of this amazing (r)evolution. Like American industry, our workforce needs to be cutting edge and adaptable.


Partners span the public and private sectors, from government agencies to leading technology employers.



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