Fully Managed SMB Cyber Security Protection

Service Contract


TransmosisONE (www.transmosis.com) is a fully managed Fortune 5000 cybersecurity service designed to protect SMBs from cyber attack. TransmosisONE combines an Artificial Intelligence powered Extended Detection and Response platform (XDR) with a 24/7 live U.S. based virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC) to monitor and proactively eliminate cyber attacks (active remediation and threat hunting) delivered through a flexible monthly subscription:

  • Þ  Fully managed cybersecurity service for SMBs to protect customer endpoints.

  • Þ  Travels with device and supports all remote work locations.

  • Þ  Next-gen XDR with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. XDR is the next generation of existing EDR solutions by applying Artificial Intelligence to enable proactive remediation across File, Host, User, and Network components in combination with analytics and automation.

  • Þ  Live 24/7 U.S. based Security Operations Center analysts dedicated directly to customer.

  • Þ  Next-gen Antivirus.

  • Þ  Proactive threat hunting and honeypotting (laying traps for cyber criminals).

  • Þ  Network Traffic Analysis (complimentary to firewall).

  • Þ  Automatic upgrades – regularly upgraded with new protections added (no legacy systems and multiple vendors to maintain).

  • Þ  Real-time data feeds and darkweb monitoring (to protect against the latest worldwide real time threats).

  • Þ  24/7 Live Technical Support.

  • Þ  Employee Monitoring with User Behavior Analytics – can monitor/remediate activities that

    customer requests (e.g. Dropbox uploading, Netflix viewing, etc).

  • Þ  Fully customizable to customer.

  • Þ  Installed in minutes with flexible monthly subscription.

  • Þ  Complete feature set – www.transmosis.com.

    Transmosis Inc. (“TransmosisONE”) delivers these capabilities and 24/7 live vSOC services to continuously collect and analyze all endpoints, files, users, hosts activities and network traffic across the protected environment. This allows the capability of seeing the true context of each activity and radically differs from any siloed endpoint or network solutions that monitor mere parts of the overall activity, resulting in reduced accuracy and protection scope. Transmosis Inc (“TransmosisONE”) 24/7 vSOC staff monitors and addresses identified alerts and fine tunes the alerting function for each client and investigating identified threats by blocking or quarantining suspicious activates and/or conducting active incept response.

    Through its complete threat coverage, and human interaction and incident response Transmosis Inc. (“TransmosisONE”) eliminates the need for complex multi-product security stacks, making robust breach protection within reach for any organization, regardless of its size and security skills.

Operational Highlights

  • Þ  Rapid deployment: up to 20,000 hosts/servers in one day.

  • Þ  Automated discovery and self- deployment on new machines.

  • Þ  O/S agnostic: Windows, Mac, Linux (6 flavors).

  • Þ  Protects hosts, servers and virtual environments.

Per Endpoint
Total Endpoints
Monthly Cost Included
No additional fees, all transmosisONE services included
(XDR software, 24/7 vSOC, 24/7 support, automatic software upgrades, next- gen antivirus,
$500,000 in cyber liability coverage, fully customized, installation).
Subscription Terms
Service activated upon payment by Customer. Subscription is on a month-to- month basis.
Customer may cancel service with 60 days written notice to TransmosisONE.

INCLUDES TransmosisONE Cyber Liability Coverage:

$100,000 of ransomware and business email compromise protection.
$100,000 of compliance failure protection.
$50,000 of business income loss protection.
$250,000 of cyber legal liability protection (customer must first exhaust any other applicable service guarantee).

TransmosisONE Cyber Liability Coverage is not insurance. There is no application, no underwriting
and payments are made within 15 days. To be reimbursed, the vendor simply provides evidence of the system
vulnerability or failed audit component discovered during its remediation efforts and proof that an affected endpoint
had the vendor’s software installed. TransmosisONE subject to Transmosis Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.