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Join an army of small businesses who are winning the fight against cyber criminals with transmosisONE. 

Everything you need to secure your business in ONE flexible, monthly subscription.

No sucky hidden fees, contracts, or headaches.

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USD $29.95 / month

per device per month

24/7 Live Security Operations Center

U.S. based security analysts proactively hunting for external and internal threats to your business, setting traps for cyber criminals and eliminating threats while you sleep.

Artificial Intelligence Breach Protection

Auto-detect, analyze, prevent, remove and remediate threats, strange behavior and malicious code (e.g. triggered by popular video conference platforms) from infiltrating your business.

Ransomware Security

Protects your personal digital assets from being encrypted and held ransom for massive 6 figure payouts.

Next Generation A.I. Powered Antivirus

Scans, cleans and rapidly removes viruses, spyware, malware, worms, bots, unsafe apps and more.

Complete Work from Home (WFH) Remote Protection

Protect all of your computers in any location, allowing you to operate anywhere.

Full Software Compliance

Ensures total software compliance with your partners, customers and vendors.

24/7 Live Technical Support

Fully staffed for rapid response and your convenience, direct communication with your specialists when you need them.

Fully Customized to Business Activity

Automatically detects unusual behaviors and monitors employee activity (e.g. streaming Netflix during remote work).

Detailed Maintenance, Security & Performance Reporting

Full summary reports and notifications sent to you regularly plus on demand access to your live security dashboard.


Fully Integrated Financial Liability Protection


transmosisONE reimburses costs to remediate a successful attack or breach:

$100,000 of ransomware and business email compromise protection

$100,000 of compliance failure protection

$50,000 of business income loss protection

$250,000 of cyber legal liability protection


Annual subscription discounts

Volume endpoints discount

Your business’s one-stop shop for Fortune 5000 cybersecurity and 24/7 peace of mind.

transmosisONE is the first and only security-as-a-service subscription that offers the world’s most advanced cybersecurity with built-in financial liability protection for small businesses: at a fraction of the price.

Questions? Here’s some answers.

Your transmosisONE subscription includes everything you need to lock down your business with enterprise level technology backed by human intelligence: 

  • Fully managed cybersecurity service to protect customer endpoints
  • Live 24/7 U.S. based Security Operations Center analysts dedicated directly to customer
  • Travels with device and supports all remote work locations
  • Next-gen XDR with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (XDR is the next generation of existing EDR solutions by applying Artificial Intelligence to enable proactive remediation across File, Host, User, and Network components in combination with analytics and automation).
  • Next-gen Antivirus
  • Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)
  • Proactive threat hunting and live deception (honeypotting – laying traps for cyber criminals)
  • Employee Monitoring with User Behavior Analytics (UBA) – can monitor/remediate activities that customer requests (e.g. Dropbox uploading, Netflix viewing, etc)
  • Auto-upgrades – regularly upgraded with new protections added (no legacy systems and multiple vendors to maintain)
  • Real-time data feeds and darkweb monitoring (to protect against the latest worldwide threats)
  • 24/7 Live Technical Support
  • Fully customizable to customer
  • $500,000 in financial protection
  • Installed in minutes

An endpoint is your desktop computer, laptop, or server that you use to perform any digital business activity. Endpoints (devices) are your most vulnerable open door for cyber criminals to infiltrate your systems.

Many small businesses falsely think their data is protected by common antivirus or anti-malware software and firewalls. Frankly, while these tools are better than having absolutely nothing, they still suck. Hackers love ‘em and they don’t actually stop modern threats from invading your systems. transmosisONE utilizes the latest next-generation A.I. AND human-driven protection via your own Security Operations Center to lockdown your systems at all possible levels– endpoint (device), network and user. This way, you protect your business using a multi-layered approach in one holistic, autonomous platform instead of single pieces of software that don’t speak to each other. Still got questions about our technology? See our geeked-out Technology Overview or schedule a demo.

Nope! transmosisONE seamlessly integrates with any existing security software you might have, including antivirus, anti-malware, VPN, online privacy and identity theft protection software. As such, transmosisONE is a unified platform that bolsters and significantly improves your security on the whole across your entire organization, versus using these single “controls” or tools that tackle only certain parts of your business’s digital infrastructure. Unlike typical security software like Norton or McAfee, transmosisONE is highly customizable to your business, and uses the most advanced security technology available that works on top of any security tools you already have in place. 

When you subscribe to transmosisONE, you automatically have your own 24/7 security operations team of U.S. based security analysts watching your business’s every digital move. Your transmosisONE Security Operations team isn’t just sitting by a phone waiting for you to call if an emergency happens– they are proactively hunting for any threats or suspicious activity on your devices, network, and user activity. Then, they work with our sophisticated technology to analyze patterns and remediate vulnerabilities, setting safeguards in place to stop breaches before they even start. This additional layer of security is worth its weight in gold when used with the transmosisONE technology platform, protecting your business while you sleep. Learn more about what a transmosisONE Security Operations Center can do for you here.

transmosisONE goes where you go, making it the perfect solution for remote work and the new Work from Home normal. If you have transmosisONE installed on your laptop and decide to take that laptop to the local coffee shop to work, you can rest assured that you are still being protected while working in that coffee shop. If you have an employee working from home on a different continent, transmosisONE works on that employee’s devices, if installed. 

Nope! Our industry-leading financial liability protection is not insurance. Instead, think of this protection as a reimbursement backing for any costs you would incur in the event of a cyber attack or breach. This means you don’t need to enroll or wait on a claim adjusted to get reimbursed, and you don’t have to deal with brokers, complicated applications, underwriting or insurance-jargon to get covered. Simply install transmosisONE and your financial protection is activated with rapid payments in the event of a breach*. Learn how transmosisONE financial liability protection can save your business from significant recovery costs and lawsuits here.

transmosisONE is your small business’s invisible workhorse, protecting your devices in the background around the clock. It really is a set and forget platform, but we get it– sometimes you just want to know what’s going on. 

You can login to your transmosisONE account anytime and view your Live Security Dashboard, as well as download your monthly summary reports that are generated by your dedicated Security Operations team. This gives you an eagle’s eye view of your system without confusion, headaches and the pain of figuring your cybersecurity out. Plus, get peace of mind knowing your business is being monitored by both machines and humans, 24/7. And, feel free to contact your team whenever you have questions– that’s what they’re there for.

Nope! All you need to do is continue to focus on what you do best– accelerating your business to success. Let our team take care of everything for you, from alert monitoring to expert incident response guidance.

While we can’t guarantee you’ll never have a headache again, we CAN say with 1000% confidence that there are absolutely NO hidden fees, contracts or any other sucky “gotcha” fine print with transmosisONE. And, if you happen to not enjoy the piece of mind transmosisONE gives you, cancel your subscription anytime. No hard feelings.

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