In the year 2009 Adam had found himself no longer working in the hospitality industry. The Great Recession left him without a job, and unable to find full time employment. After bouncing around for some time between part time jobs, Adam decided he needed more valuable skills and decided to focus on learning about computers. A friend suggested he look into CompTIA’s A+ certification as a way into the IT field. He committed to pursuing the certification. In no time, Adam found himself taking on Linux projects for fun, working part time in computer repair, and reading cyber security news. Before his computer skills were off the register, Adam knew he wanted to work in cyber security. After getting the A+ certification Adam spent the next 4 years working in computer repair shops, help desks, IT technician roles, and pursuing certifications and knowledge. Although he found a way into the IT help desk, learning specialized skills to work in cyber security proved a more difficult task.

“It wasn’t until I was accepted to study with Transmosis in their Cyber Security Boot Camp that my dream to work in cyber security started to become real. Suddenly, the IT projects I took on were giving me the experience I needed to build practical skills that could be used in a SOC, or to be a breaker.”

In 2017 Adam went all in, with the Transmosis Cyber Security Boot Camp. He earned 2 additional CompTia Certifications: Security+ and the CySA. In addition, he learned how to use many cyber security tools and completed course work in: Linux administration, incident response, computer forensics, SIEM administration, Kali Linux, and more. There is no limit to how much can be learned about cyber security with Transmosis. All it takes is motivation. All of the texts, tutorials, classes, projects, and workshops are at your disposal. “All I had to do is  take in as much as possible. Now, I’m certified to work in cyber security, and working full time in my chosen field. I couldn’t have made it this far, this quickly without The Transmosis Boot Camp.”

Jannet C.

Transmosis Cybersecurity Bootcamp has unquestionably delivered in their MISSION, to effectively introduced a training program that is certainly cutting edge and adaptable. This was a challenging program that was effectively carried through, the composition of the classes was well thought out, and made me think critically about Information Technology / Cybersecurity.  The content and presentation by the facilitators was consistently high quality and engaging. Most importantly, each session provided an excellent review of the challenges and opportunities inherent in each critical area of Information Technology / Cybersecurity. I liked the way the training was structured along the monitoring cycle. The Transmosis team and instructors are extremely bright, well-informed, great presenters, and helped to enrich the training program. I have taken with me a huge breadth of knowledge and I am super appreciative of this opportunity to learn from such a diverse team.

With the hands-on training at Transmosis Cybersecurity Bootcamp, this has allowed me to transition from student to a working professional in this highly sophisticated field. I am very fortunate to be working at Axiom Cyber Solutions here in Las Vegas. Axiom Cyber Solutions is a holistic cybersecurity company founded to provide innovative, automated and intelligent cybersecurity solutions to help protect businesses.

                                                                                                                              Jannet C.

2017 Alumni of the Nevada Transmosis Cybersecurity Bootcamp


These video testimonials are from alumni of the Transmosis IT Support Bootcamp, a 10 week training course revolving around hands on teaching and rigorous curriculum. Students earn their CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications, and continue their education with our employer partners.