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Can We Get to 5 Million “Apprenticeships” in 5 Years?

It looks like the White House has caught apprenticeship fever, and that’s great news for millions of Americans who need access to good jobs and employers looking for talent. Calls for expanding apprenticeship are coming from both sides of the aisle and even from CEOs of America’s most innovative companies. Just last month, Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff called for creating 5 million apprenticeships in just 5 years. Silicon Valley is known for “moonshot” goals, and this one certainly fits the bill. Should the Trump Administration decide to embrace Mark Benioff’s challenge, one of the first questions they will have...

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City of Henderson: City of the Future

At a time when technology makes daily leaps from innovation to reality, it’s people and the companies they form that bring the awe factor to life. In Henderson, both innovations and innovators are celebrated and cultivated, from the entrepreneurial spirit of downtown Henderson to the city being home to nationwide firsts. It’s people that transform a city into a City of the Future. In Henderson, it’s people making the city extraordinary. City of Innovation and Technology Imagine going to a hospital for surgery or an emergency visit without the fear of contracting an infection. Today, when bacterial infection is...

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Transmosis CEO to speak at the Apprenticeship Forward National Conference

Transmosis CEO, Chase Norlin, to speak at the Apprenticeship Forward National Conference. Apprenticeship Forward is a national conference that will help chart a path toward a future where millions more American workers and businesses reap the benefits of a high performing apprenticeship system built through the collaboration of the public, private, and philanthropic sectors.  Date: May 4th-5th, 2017 Location: Washington Hilton, 1919 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009 Sponsoring Partners:  National Skills Coalition, New America, AFL-CIO Working for America Institute, Advance CTE, Jobs for the Future, National Association of Workforce Boards, National Fund for Workforce Solutions, National Governors Association, and Urban Institute (list in formation).  With the support of Annie E....

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Transmosis CEO to speak at the IEDC 2017 Annual Conference.

Transmosis CEO Chase Norlin will be speaking at the IEDC 2017 Annual Conference. INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL 2017 ANNUAL CONFERENCE: With the emergence of new global markets, communities need to work together to encourage competition and advance economic growth. This must-attend event for economic developers – IEDC’s first annual conference outside of the United States – will focus on how to Connect, Collaborate, and Create at the global level to contribute to the transformation of local, state, and regional economies. Toronto and its surrounding region are consistently ranked at the top of international indexes for competitiveness, innovation, and liveability....

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Silicon Valley Is Right — Our Jobs Are Already Disappearing

Stephen Hawking says that “we are at the most dangerous moment in the development of humanity” and that the “rise of artificial intelligence is likely to extend job destruction deep into the middle classes, with only the most caring, creative or supervisory roles remaining.” Sam Hinkie, the smartest man in sports and a Stanford grad, asks, “How are you preparing your kids for a life with 60% unemployment?” Sam Altman, the head of Y Combinator, is so convinced that we’re going to need to figure out new ways of providing people with a means to live that he’s giving...

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Six jobs are eliminated for every robot introduced into the workforce, a new study says The threat of robots taking our jobs is very real.

Job-stealing robots aren’t some distant scenario that’s unlikely to cause problems for another “50 to 100 years” from now, as Donald Trump’s treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin said in an interview last week. New research released from the National Bureau of Economic Research yesterday shows that between 1990 and 2007, when one or more industrial robots were introduced into the workforce, it led to the elimination of 6.2 jobs within a local area where people commute for work. The report, which was authored by economists Daron Acemoglu of MIT and Pascual Restrepo of Boston University, found that the wages of...

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Why Germany Is So Much Better at Training Its Workers

At last, unemployment is easing. But the latest low rate—hovering below 6 percent–obscures a deeper, longer-term problem: “skills mismatches” in the labor force, which will only worsen in years to come. According to the most recent figures, 9.3 million Americans are unemployed, but 4.8 million jobs stand empty because employers can’t find people to fill them. With new technology transforming work across a range of sectors, more and more businesses are struggling to find workers with the skills to man new machines and manage new processes. One solution has enchanted employers, educators, and policymakers on both sides of the...

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Job Shadowing Is Effective On-the-Job Training

Job shadowing is a type of on-the-job employee job training in which a new employee or an employee desiring to become familiar with a different job, follows and observes a trained and experienced employee. Job shadowing is an effective form of job training for certain jobs. Job shadowing allows a student, employee, or intern to gain comprehensive knowledge about what an employee who holds a particular job does every day. Job shadowing provides a far richer experience than reading a job description or doing an informational interview during which an employee describes his or her work. Job shadowing allows...

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You’re Fired

60 Minutes investigates how some businesses have fired American workers and replaced them with cheaper labor: temporary, foreign workers with H-1B visas. Bill Whitaker reports....

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Let’s help intermediaries expand US apprenticeships

Thanks to funding from Congress and leadership by the Obama administration, the US Department of Labor issued a grant announcement requesting proposals from national intermediary organizations to expand apprenticeships in the United States.  Intermediaries stand between the government and private individuals, families, and employers. Since the 1830s, when Alexis de Tocqueville published Democracy in America, the United States has been well known for its rich array of intermediating institutions, from churches to local charities to business associations. Nearly every country with a large-scale apprenticeship system relies heavily on intermediary organizations. Even in Germany, where apprenticeships are widespread and employers...

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